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Want to Know How Much We Charge?

Here is an approximate price guide for our service washes. Actual price varies depending on the drying time of your laundry.


16lb washer  £12.00 - £14.00

22lb washer  £14.20 - £17.20

30lb washer  £19.40 - £21.40

40lb washer  £23.00 - £27.00

Whether it’s just a few items or the whole wash; let us know when you want it and choose between having your ironing on hangers or folded. Click here for more details on our ironing service.

Your laundry can be washed by calling


Need a Professional Laundry Service?

We only use high quality non-bio soaps such as Fairy and Persil Non-bio making sure that we return your clothes to you looking and smelling great. Our service wash is suitable for everyday clothes, towels and bed linen.

Need Ironing Too?

01492 871742

Bubbles service wash

Got piles of washing to do but no time to do it? We know the feeling. However, we can take care of all your laundry needs no matter what load size it is. Here's what to do, simply drop your laundry off in Bubbles Launderette and we’ll wash, dry and fold it ready for you to put away.

A woman loading the washing machine at Bubbles Washing in a washing machine A small stack of multi-coloured shirts